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Exactly one week ago today on Saturday 4 April, Axminster Heritage Centre was due to begin its summer season. This Easter weekend was going to be the start of a range of awesome activities we had planned to accompany our new temporary exhibition which would have included bringing in several sheep to be sheared in our courtyard.

Sadly, with the present lockdown this has not been possible. Museum Manager, Nigel Sadler and a small team of volunteers have instead been working from home to come up with new and hopefully entertaining ways for us to continue to engage with everyone.

Earlier this week we made the exciting decision to start a YouTube channel (link below) and are hoping to add content on a regular basis – beginning with the films and presentations we have on display at the Heritage Centre.

Nigel Sadler said: “We are continuing to explore new ways of creating interesting and fun content and to this end I have been busy learning how to use some new software. The result of this can be seen here on our YouTube channel My son and I have been working together on this project and his skills as a Lego Master Builder have been invaluable!”

We really hope you enjoy this alternative museum opening and if it has given you inspiration to create your own Lego museum, please share your pictures with us – we would love to see them!

This project has also led to the formation of a new idea. If you live in Axminster or one of the surrounding villages, no matter your age, please tell us what you collect and if possible, send us photographs to share showing you with your collection and some information on how and why you collect.   You never know, this might give us ideas for temporary displays at the Axminster Heritage Centre for when we reopen.

Remember to Stay Safe and please like and subscribe our YouTube channel for more content!



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