From this page you can access accounts of a selection of events, mainly drawn from contemporary sources, including published and unpublished ‘reviews’ of the town written by travellers (some flattering, others less so). These accounts are listed below in date order, with links on which you can click. Over time we will add further items, and we would welcome your contributions and/or suggestions for suitable events, including items affecting the parishes surrounding Axminster.

899-901: King Alfred and Witan

1086: Domesday

1210: The King John Town and Market Charter

Axminster during the Civil War, including the ‘Great Fire’ of 1644 and its aftermath

1669: The visit to Axminster of Cosimo de Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany

1787: The visit to Axminster of John Adams, later elected 2nd President of the United States

1789: The visit of King George III and his family

1799: The visit to Axminster of George Lipscombe

1839: The Axmouth landslip

1869: A Horrible Accident

Axminster’s Contribution to the Mesopotamia Campaign of World War I

1942-44 Wartime savings

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